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CRT & You

Each morning thousands of Paragon CRT wearers start their day by taking out their contact lenses. Their day is free from glasses and contact lenses all without having surgery. But how do you know if you’re a candidate for Paragon CRT?

Vision Quiz

Answer YES to these questions and you may be an excellent candidate for Paragon CRT and an exciting lifestyle change!

  • Have you ever wished you didn’t have to wear glasses or contacts all the time?
  • Are you nearsighted?
  • Do you have minimal or no astigmatism?
  • Have you ever considered laser vision correction but were not a candidate or had concerns?
  • Have you ever lost a lens at school? Exercising? At work?
  • Is your personal appearance important to you?
  • Have you ever experienced discomfort from wearing your contacts all day or ended the day with dry, scratchy eyes?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, contact our office today to see if Paragon CRT is right for you! Our doctors will do an evaluation of your vision correction needs and your eye health to determine if you are a candidate for Paragon CRT.

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